• Intellectual Functioning​
  • Attention / Concentration
  • Executive Functioning
  • Academic Skills
  • Memory & Learning
  • Visual-Spatial Processing
  • Information Processing

​​We speak briefly to all testing clients (or their parent/guardian) by phone prior to setting up an initial consultation appointment.  Typically, the initial consultation appointment lasts 1 hour.  We will discuss your questions and goals for testing, and review helpful background information.  This information will be used to customize the evaluation so that we can answer your questions.

Depending on the referral question / goals of testing, the evaluation typically requires meeting for 2 hours (and up to 6-8 hours) to do a series of paper and pencil tasks and other types of thinking activities. These appointments can be scheduled in 2-hour increments, or over 2-3 appointments for longer blocks of time (based on scheduling availability ).  The testing process includes:  

​Neuropsychological Testing

At the end of the evaluation, we will meet for a feedback session.  Test results can be confusing.  We will take our time during the feedback session to go over the test results and the list of customized recommendations (which have been tailored to you or your child's needs).  You will also receive a signed copy of the Test Report and a list of customized Recommendations during the feedback session.   We are typically able to offer feedback within 2 weeks of completing the testing process.

If you have questions about testing or would like more information, please contact our office.

Due to the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place mandates in California, we are not able to offer evaluations at this time.  Please contact us for more information or to be added to the waiting list.

Testing provides the missing piece(s) of information,

and gives you a road map for moving forward.

What to Expect

gain insight and make positive change

Neuropsychological / Psychoeducational testing is used to gain a better understanding of a person's cognitive, academic and/or emotional functioning. It is a useful tool for gaining information to help people function at their best.​   We specialize in assessing kids (ages 8 and up) and adults for intellectual abilitylearning difficulties, attention problems (ADHD)giftedness and emotional functioning.  We also offer baseline cognitive assessments.  Whether you need an assessment to apply for a school, rule-out an academic concern, get updated accommodations for school, or better understand a change in functioning, an evaluation can be helpful.  Testing provides information about a person's strengths and weaknesses in some of the following areas:

 therapy + neuropsychological evaluations

  • Initial Consultation
  • Testing Appointments
  • Collateral Contact with School or Other Professionals (with written consent)
  • Test Report & Recommendations
  • Feedback Session

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